Adult Taekwondo (Winter-Spring)

Students learn the fundamentals of taekwondo.

What will students learn?
Students will learn all the skills necessary for rank advancement and excellence in Taekwondo: kicks, punches, sparring, forms, self-defense philosophy and tactics, and Korean terminology.

What are the benefits of this class?
Although students are studying the martial art of Taekwondo what they are really learning are its tenets: courtesy, integrity, self-Control, perseverance, indomitable spirit, in addition to things like goal setting, and overcoming difficulty. Additionally, students will also make gains in their physicality as well such as strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Who will teach this class?
Chuck Johnson is a 4th Dan Taekwondo master, a former national champion and a martial arts teacher of 25 years. He is also a published martial arts writer, an elite bodyguard, a professional stuntman, and an internationally certified core fitness trainer.

Beginner to Advanced (7–12yrs): Jan 11–Jun 13 | Sat | 12–1pm | 19 classes | Cancel by Jan 11 | ¥47,500


  • No class: Feb 22, Mar 21 & 28, May 2
  • Prices exclude consumption tax