Creative Kids Club (Winter)

Creative Kids Club classes encourage creativity and strengthen children’s ability to put ideas into concrete forms through art.

What will I learn in this class?
Little Artist (ages 3–6) is ideal for beginners and intermediate-level children. Working on fun two- or three-dimensional art projects, children learn about colors and shapes, art materials like watercolors, acrylic paints, clay and origami paper as well as how to use tools such as brushes, scissors and glue. 

Advanced Studio (ages 6–13) is for those who love creating art freely. Students learn how to express themselves through a wide variety of materials, including acrylic paints, clay, wood, stone and fabric. Students are also introduced to the works of different great artists.

What are the benefits of this class?
Through the process of creating their own original artwork, students learn practical skills and techniques, gain confidence in their artistic abilities and improve concentration. This allows children to appreciate beauty while creating from their imagination. Creating art enriches children’s lives and establishes lifelong memories.

Who will teach this class? 
Sanae Takahata is a professional artist with more than 40 years exhibiting her work. She creates oil paintings, dress-shaped canvas pieces, shoji sliding door art, terracotta masks and torsos, fiberglass sculptures and wearable art. She has shown her work in galleries, temples and museums in Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris, New York, Seattle, Hong Kong and Krakow. She studied child and adult development and education and has taught at the Club since 2001.

Little Artist: 3–6 | Jan 10–Mar 20 | Fri | 3:40–4:40pm | 10 classes | Cancel by Jan 10 | ¥30,000
Adv Studio: 6–15 | Jan 10–Mar 20 | Fri | 4:50–6 pm | 10 classes | Cancel by Jan 10 | ¥33,000

Little Artist: 3–6 | Apr 3–Jun 12 | Fri | 3:40–4:40pm | 11 classes | Cancel by Apr 3 | ¥33,000
Adv Studio: 6–15 | Apr 3–Jun 12 | Fri | 4:50–6pm | 11 classes | Cancel by Apr 3 | ¥36,300


  • No class winter term: Feb 21
  • Prices exclude consumption tax