Kabuki Experience

Witness the vivid theatricality of kabuki.

It may be the youngest of Japan’s traditional dramatic arts, but kabuki is as recognizable as any in the country’s history.

At a live performance, take in all the costumes, music and tales of treachery and heroism on display.

Meet at a tea salon for a journey through kabuki’s colorful history, then take in a production for yourself at Ginza’s Kabukiza Theater, where actors have graced the stage for 130 years.


  • Women’s Group members: ¥9,500
  • Non-Women’s Group members: ¥10,500
  • Ages 18 & above
  • Women's Group members priority sign up start on January 17 at 10am
  • Non-Women's Group members and guests start on January 24 at 10am

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